The itinerary will allow you to get to know the important landmarks of Palermitan history, culture and architecture.

Starting from the Massimo Opera House, we will cross the historic Capo market and then we will head towards the Royal Palace where we will visit the splendid Palatine Chapel. Back on Corso Vittorio Emanuele you can take in the sights of the Cathedral, the Four Corners, Pretoria Square with the “fountain of shame”, the small jewel of the Byzantine church of the Martorana (Unesco site) and the nearby church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, a great example of Palermitan baroque.

After a short break, we will then continue on towards the ancient Kalsa district, less touristy but full of fascinating glimpses. Here we will pass by S.Francesco Square, with its Romanesque church and the famous historical “focacceria”, and conclude the visit in Marina Square with the spectacular Moreton Bay fig tree at Garibaldi garden, undoubtedly a great natural monument.

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