The following itinerary will showcase the most historic and important monuments of the city of Palermo: those dating back to the XII century, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

These are magnificent religious and civil buildings built with the collaboration of Sicilian, Arab and Byzantine workers; not only wonderful artistic and architectural examples but, above all, testimony of an extraordinary moment of peaceful coexistence.

The half-day itinerary winds through the streets of the historic center of Palermo and starts from the Royal Palace with its extraordinary Palatine Chapel. We continue with the Cathedral and arrive in Piazza Bellini where we will visit the two splendid churches of San Cataldo and Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio.

Full day itineraries are also available which, as well as the above sights, include visits to other fascinating Unesco sites such as the Cathedral of Monreale with its amazing cloister and the Zisa Palace. As these latters are sites outside the historic center, a means of transport is necessary.

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